Rebedding the standing rigging. 

The surveyor picked up several deck leaks, which I expected from the boat being left to rot for years. 

One area of special concern are the shrouds. I pulled all of the plates on each of the 6 areas they penetrate the deck, and rebed them all with butyl. Sabre did a really cool thing where they chamfered out the fiberglass at each penetration, and then used plates with a little reversed chamfer to allow for a good bead of sealant there. This lets the rigging move and flex a little while still keeping a bond and stay sealed.  

I feel so much better knowing there’s a really good seal around each shroud.  

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2 Responses to Rebedding the standing rigging. 

  1. jeopardyracing says:

    I need to do mine too this summer – how did butyl work out for this application? I’ve loved it for other items but haven’t tried it here yet.


    • mysticgringo says:

      So far so good… but I haven’t put the boat in the water so it’s not a true test just yet I guess. My theory is to use butyl anywhere you don’t need actual adhesion. Those little plates aren’t structural anyway, they are just a way to keep the sealant there.

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