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Exterior Teak

One of the things I really like about Sabre is their use of teak, enough to look yachty, but not so much that it’s a pain to take care of. My Sabre only has teak towrails, handrails, and the teak … Continue reading

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SmartPlug shore power

   A few nights ago I woke up at 2am and noticed the fan I have running usually had turned off. First thing I thought was I had tripped the gfci on the outlet, it’s an old outlet, we had … Continue reading

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Sabre rot

Apparently there is a pretty consistent problem with Sabres of a certain vintage where the mast step doesn’t have a large enough drain, thus gets clogged easily, and saturates the structure and sole of a boat. I’m really surprised Sabre … Continue reading

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Vellamo came with 8 group 31 wet cell batteries. It hasn’t had a battery charger hooked up for 3 years… so naturally all the batteries are dead. I figured instead of writing off all of the batteries, I’d take a … Continue reading

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Sealing the ports

A boat sitting neglected for so many years will leak. This boat has 11 ports and 8 hatches, along with the companion way. That’s awesome for getting air to move thru the boat, but it takes maintenance to keep water … Continue reading

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Rebedding the standing rigging. 

The surveyor picked up several deck leaks, which I expected from the boat being left to rot for years.  One area of special concern are the shrouds. I pulled all of the plates on each of the 6 areas they … Continue reading

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Heat exchanger

Vellamo has a 46hp Westerbeke engine that is raw water cooled. There’s a heat exchanger that basically acts like a radiator. The original one was in rough shape, so I pulled it out to clean it up. Looks like it … Continue reading

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