Well, she floats! 

The yard launched Vellamo on Saturday (13th), and were kind enough to time it where they left her on the slings till Monday. Not that she needed it really, but it’s good to know that if something does give way after sitting on the hard for so many years that you have slings under you.  
 There are videos of it… I just need to take the time to splice them together and not make them so boringly long. Total launch time took over an hour… but that included a run to get more fuel for the lift. 

Only boat owners understand the anxiety and elation with the whole process. It feels so good to have her floating. 

The first thing most people do when they get their boat in the water is start the engine. Not me… I wanted to see if the AC’s worked! It was over 90 degrees, and was expected to stay that way all week. When you buy a neglected boat, and it’s not in the water you can’t really test everything, so I had no real idea if the ACs would work. 1 works, and works brilliantly! The other has what I believe is a minor issue, so I count this as a massive win! It actually can keep the interior at 69 degrees when it’s near 100 outside… and there’s no insulation. The dog has a new favorite place, and drags a floor mat over to the vent to lay right in front of it. I imagine it’ll be the same in winter as it’s also a heater. 

The engine also turned over without any hesitation at all! Remarkable. Must have been the lucky shirt I was wearing.

Next up will be the move to her home port in Virginia. 


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3 Responses to Launch

  1. jeopardyracing says:

    Congrats! I can totally relate to the blend of emotions when the boat gets launched. In my case anxiety was a little higher than normal since I’d lap-fitted and shimmed a bunch of the bronze seacocks over the winter and wondered if my workmanship would prove to be sound (it did, thankfully lol)


    • mysticgringo says:

      I had also lap fitted and greased a bunch of the seacocks. And one I had to rebed, so that was stressful too. My buddy and I just finished a 4 day cruise up intracoastal… she ran great. Even sailed a few times. I’ll post a blog about it soon.

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